COX Environment Tech Co., Ltd., especially in manufacture and export Micron Nylon filter bag, liquid polyester filter bag, micron Polypropylene filter bag, liquid filter fabric, филтер тканина, Nylon Screen Mesh Fabric, polyester screen Mesh Fabric, Sediment & Dewatering Filter Bag , separated from the parent company in the domestic market, established based on the vast demands of water filter bag fabric and liquid filter mesh from several international organizations since 2005, has become one of the most important exporters of water pes filter bags, aquarium nylon filter bags, Nylon Filter Mesh Fabric, PP filter fabric and liquid filter bag fabrics in China and enjoys a good reputation in the abroad market.
Micron filter bags, liquid filter fabrics, филтер тканина, filter print screen,Sediment & Dewatering Filter Bag are our main manufacture and export products. There are kinds liquid filter materials available, such as needle type Polyester and PP, woven type Nylon, ПЕ, stainless steel. Mono Filament Filter Cloth and Multi Filament Filter Cloth both available on PP, Polyester and Nylon materail. Heat setting, calendering, singeing, anti static finish treatment also available for filter media according the material and application of the bag’s working condition.ПЕКСЛ филтер врећа
Needle type Micron Filter Bag can select from needle PP, polyester. Filtration rate rage is 0.1~200 micron. Neck material mostly select carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic.

COX extended life range POXL/PEXЛ, alternative filter bag of EATON DURAGAF filter bags, are with equal filtration performance with lifetimes 2-5 times longer than ordinary felt media.
ПОКСЛ филтер врећаПЕКСЛ филтер врећа

SKU Style No. Micron Rating SKU Style No.
F31R37515 POXL-1-P01E 1 F31S36453 POXL-1-P02E
F31R36452 POXL-5-P01E 5 F31S36536 POXL-5-P02E
F31R37107 POXL-10-P01E 10 F31S36624 POXL-10-P02E
F31R36630 POXL-25-P01E 25 F31S36631 POXL-25-P02E
F31R37110 POXL-50-P01E 50 F31S36632 POXL-50-P02E
F31R36913 POXL-100-P01E 100 F31S36842 POXL-100-P02E
PEXL-5-P01H PEXL-5-P01E 5 PEXL-5-P02H PEXL-5-P02E
PEXL-10-P01H PEXL-10-P01E 10 PEXL-10-P02H PEXL-10-P02E
PEXL-25-P01H PEXL-25-P01E 25 PEXL-25-P02H PEXL-25-P02E
PEXL-50-P01H PEXL-50-P01E 50 PEXL-50-P02H PEXL-50-P02E
PEXL-100-P01H PEXL-100-P01E 100 PEXL-100-P02H PEXL-100-P02E

Replacement HAYFLOW PP Extended Life Felt(ПОКСЛ) Филтер баг & Polyester Extended Life Felt(ПЕКСЛ) Филтер баг

Original Part Number POXL Filter Bag Style No. Original Part Number PEXL Filter Bag Style No.
Ф5873339 POXL-1-P02HAY Ф5873399 PEXL-1-P02HAY
Ф5873349 POXL-5-P02HAY Ф5873409 PEXL-5-P02HAY
Ф5873359 POXL-10-P02HAY Ф5873419 PEXL-10-P02HAY
Ф5873369 POXL-25-P02HAY Ф5873429 PEXL-25-P02HAY
Ф5873379 POXL-50-P02HAY Ф5873439 PEXL-50-P02HAY
Ф5873389 POXL-100-P02HAY Ф5873449 PEXL-100-P02HAY

Weave type Water Filter Bag can select from nylon, polyester, stainless steel. Filtration rate rage is 1~2000 micron. Neck material mostly select carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic.
ЦОКС филтер врећа тканина has been devoting itself to offering qualified микронска филтер врећа, liquid filter bag fabric and filter fabric with reliable service and competitive price to meet the demands of yours..
COX offers a complete line of High Efficiency Absolute Rated Filter Bag for the most demanding effective applications where higher filtration efficiencies are needed, achieving performance levels as high as 99.9% absolute-rated efficiency.
All High Efficiency filter bags are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit common industry filter bag housings. OEM size High Efficiency Absolute Rated Filter Bags can be manufactured according requirment.

Our high performance absolute rated filter bag designed for your high filtration efficiency particle removal application. We have four ranges of absolute efficiency bags for your choices:LCR-100 filter bag
ЛЦР 100 Филтер баг & ЛЦР 500 Филтер баг

ЛЦР 100 Series Filter Bag details:

SKU Number Style No. Micron Rating @ 99% SKU Number Style No.
F5869879 LCR-113-T01E 4 F5869939 LCR-123-T02E
F5869889 LCR-114-T01E 5 F5869949 LCR-124-T02E
F5869899 LCR-115-T01E 10 F5869959 LCR-125-T02E
F5869909 LCR-116-T01E 15 F5869969 LCR-126-T02E
F5869919 LCR-118-T01E 40 F5869979 LCR-128-T02E
F5869929 LCR-119-T01E 30 F5869989 LCR-129-T02E
F5870619 LCR-130-T01E 20 F5869999 LCR-130-T02E
F5870599 LCR-135-T01E 10 F5866229 LCR-135-T02E

ЛЦР(Bag Material) —-522(Micron Rating µm)—Т(Bag Cover Layer)—-02(Bag Sizes)—-E(Coller/Ring type)

SKU Description Micron Rating @ 99% Bag Size
F5870009 LCR-522-T02Z 2.6 #02(7″x32″)
F5870019 LCR-525-T02Z 6 #02(7″x32″)
F5870029 LCR-527-T02Z 13 #02(7″x32″)
F5870039 LCR-529-T02Z 32 #02(7″x32″)

ЛЦР 500 Oil Absorbing filter bag made by kinds layers PP melt blown microfiber filter media which have great chemical resistance.

High Efficiency Absolute AGF Filter Bag & High Efficiency Absolute PGF Filter Bag

AGF Filter Bag details:

Style No. Original SKU Removal Efficiency Bag Cover Layer Bag Size Original SKU
AGF-51-E01E F5869109 1.5µm >99% 5µm >99.9% PP Mesh AGF-51-E02E F5869119
AGF-53-E01E F5869129 3µm >99% 5µm >99.9% PP Mesh AGF-53-E02E F5869139
AGF-55-E01E F5869149 5µm >99% 15µm >99.9% PP Mesh AGF-55-E02E F5869159
AGF-57-E01E F5869169 10µm >99% 25µm >99.9% PP Mesh AGF-57-E02E F5869179
AGF-59-E01E F5869189 25µm >99% 50µm >99.9% PP Mesh AGF-59-E02E F5869199
AGFE-51-R01H F5870049 1.5µm >99% 5µm >99.9% Polyester Mesh AGFE-51-R02H F5870079
AGFE-55-R01H F5870059 5µm >99% 15µm >99.9% Polyester Mesh AGFE-55-R02H F5870089
AGFE-57-R01H F5870069 10µm >99% 25µm >99.9% Polyester Mesh AGFE-57-R02H F5870099

PGF Filter Bag details:
F5865399 PGF-50-E02E Filter Bag
F5869219 PGF-51-E02E Filter Bag
F5869229 PGF-55-E02E Filter Bag

Absolute Rated Oil Removal LCR-100 Filter bag / LCR-500 Filter Bag designed for your long service life, high dirt load application with demand for absolute particle removal efficiency, it is also effective in removing gelatinous contamination due to its unique structure.

AGF Filter bag / PGF Filter bag series absolute rated filter bag designed for high filtration efficiency particle removal of up to 99%, is an ideal replacement for expensive pleated cartridges for cost effective and demanding applications. AGF Filter bag s& PGF Filter bags are fully welded, covered with a layer of PP woven material, to make it easy for you to install the filter bag, as well as prevent fiber migration.

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Bag Fabric - Bag Ka Kapdaa Latest Price Manufacturersmesh filter sokkernylon mesh filter sockspagalcog
ткань PTFE для воздушных фильтровиглена поштаЕатон филтер врећа за филтер ПО-50 врећа за филтерВрећасти филтер ПЕ-10 Филтер БагНајлонска филтер врећа од 25 микронаФ5873339Ф5873349Ф5873359Ф5873369Ф5873379Ф5873389Ф5873399Ф5873409Ф5873419Ф5873429Ф5873439Ф5873449својства тканине за филтер врећицу за филтер сенатехника еатон филтер врећа хаифловеатон хаифлов филтер врећа филтер врећаеатон хаифлов филтер врећа тесутоматеријал тканина еатон хаифлов филтер багкуеШта је Еатон Хаифлов тканина за филтер врећицу?еатон хаифлов филтер врећа влакна јееатон хаифлов филтер врећа кумас недиреатон хаифлов филтер баг оканьЕатон Хаифлов филтер врећа шта је квалитет тканиневаи еатон хаифлов филтер врећакоја су својства филтер кеса Еатон ХаифловЕатон филтер врећа хаифлов