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COX Filter Material has been devoting itself to offering qualified Dust Filter bag, Micron Filter Bag,Dust Filter Fabric and Liquid Filter Fabric, Mircon Filter Mesh, with reliable service and competitive price to meet the demands of yours.  If you need any other additional information or would like to comment on our products, our company or anything […]

Polyester Filter Bag

Polyester filter fabric with waterproof, oilproof and antistatic function and filter bag can working under special working condition, this specially filter material base on the needle felt antistatic filter fabric, then make another process to add the possession of waterproof and oilproof. Polyester three resistance filter fabrics and filter bags widely used in the occasion […]

Dust Filter Bags

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Needle Filter Fabrics

Needle felt filter fabrics is an essential part filtration system in manufacturing and processing plants. Needle felt filter fabrics are sealing fastened to filter cages when used in filters. Fiberglass filter needle felt filter fabrics are excellent filtration materials for foundry. The prefilter as claimed in claim 13, wherein the support margin has two end faces, […]

Filter Bag Manufacturer

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