AGF 필터 백 - AGF Filter Bag

AGF Filter Bag, Wholesale AGF Filter Bag manufaturer.

AGF 필터 백 is one type of Absolute Rated Filter Bag / Absolute Efficiency Filter Bag
/ High Efficiency Filter bags.

AGF Filter Bags are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit kinds industry filter bag housings. Custom size AGF Filter Bags also welcomed.

AGF 범위 오일 홀딩 필터 백

데이터 시트 PGF 범위 오일 홀딩 필터 백 제조업체 AGF 범위 오일 홀딩 필터 백 제조업체

설명 Size No. 지름 길이 Flow Rate Max. Service Temp Suggested D/P change- out
AGF # 01 182mm 420mm 8m3/h 80℃ 0.8-1.5bar
AGF # 02 182mm 810mm 15m3/h 80℃ 0.8-1.5bar

AGF 필터 백 세부

Bag Description 가방 크기 Particle Size Removal Efficiency
>60% >90% >95% >99% >99.9%
AGF-51 #01, #02 0.2 0.6 0.8 1.5 5
AGF-53 #01, #02 0.8 1 2 3 5
AGF-55 #01, #02 1 2 3 5 15
AGF-57 #01, #02 2 4 5 10 25
AGF-59 #01, #02 10 20 22 25 35

#01= 7″x16″ , #02= 7″x32″

AGF 필터 백 is made of pure melt blown PP microfiber provides great oil absorbancy. It is featured with high chemical resistance can absorb unwanted oil.
AGF Filter Bags widely usedly in e higher filtration efficiencies application.
AGF series absolute rated filter bag designed for high filtration efficiency particle removal of up to 99%, is an ideal replacement for expensive pleated cartridges for cost effective and demanding applications.
AGF Filter Bags featured with high benefits of a clean, chemically resistant and silicone-free material in an economical, self-contained and easy-dispose-of filter bag.
AGF series filter bag is our high performance absolute rated filter bag designed for your high filtration efficiency particle removal application.
AGF 필터 백 select 100% welded process for better filtration performance. With a strong, flexible welding seam, the bag can be fitted in basket more effectively, which creates a greater resistance to shock loading. Unique welding provides a more consistent weld-seam with greater control over entire process.
AGF Filter Bags can replace expensive cartridge filtration systems and provide better performance while saving time and money.
AGF Filter Bags haveHigh flow rate, high loading capacity/Effective oil absorbancy/ Multilayered construction, high surface area-Customized service available/100% polypropylene, FDA listed material.
AGF Filter Bags select Multi-layers meltblown filtration media in polypropylene, maximize dirt holding capacity and prolong service life, Low waste treatment cost.
Unique construction provides stronger weld-seam, Highly efficient filter media, Effectively removal particle > 99%.
Special structure deliver both long service life and absolute filtration, Much bigger flow rate, Small liquid loss.
Fully welded around the plastic collar for perfect sealing, 100% by pass free filtration
Material in FDA Compliance that suitable for food & beverage application
오염 물질이 백에 갇혀 다음 공정으로 유입되지 않음
Cost-effective filtration solutions for critical filtration application.
COX manufactures a complete line of Absolute Rated Filter Bag / Absolute Efficiency Filter Bag / High Efficiency Filter bags.

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