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POXL: Extended Service Life Filter Bag. A great cost saving filter bag with unique needle felt fiber construction of doubling the pore space within but significantly increase the dirt holding capacity in filtration performance without affecting its initial pressure drop, it gives you a lifetime of up to 5 times more and resulting in filtration cost saving and labour cost saving. High process service life decreases downtime and reduces change-out costs.Mfuko wa Kichujio cha POXL
POXL Felt Filter Bags are available in micron ratings from 0.2 to 200 micron.
COX POXL Long Life Filter Bags keep going when others plug or fail. Finer polypropylene and polyester fiber structure increases dirt holding capacity. Long Life media utilizes a depth loading structure with a deeper matrix of fine fibers to extend filter life, while retaining efficiency.
These features increases the POXL Long Life Filter Bags’ have lifetime up to 5 times longer than common standard filter bags.
COX POXL Long Life Filter Bags are available in polypropylene materials with kinds filtration rate to compliment process requirements. Needle Felt Fabric is a low cost disposable media with depth-filtration qualities and high solids-loading capacity. Polypropylene fibers are locked in place through heat treatment to prevent fiber migration.

SKU Mtindo No. Ukadiriaji wa Micron SKU Mtindo No.
F31R37515 POXL-1-P01E 1 F31S36453 POXL-1-P02E
F31R36452 POXL-5-P01E 5 F31S36536 POXL-5-P02E
F31R37107 POXL-10-P01E 10 F31S36624 POXL-10-P02E
F31R36630 POXL-25-P01E 25 F31S36631 POXL-25-P02E
F31R37110 POXL-50-P01E 50 F31S36632 POXL-50-P02E
F31R36913 POXL-100-P01E 100 F31S36842 POXL-100-P02E
PEXL-5-P01H PEXL-5-P01E 5 PEXL-5-P02H PEXL-5-P02E
PEXL-10-P01H PEXL-10-P01E 10 PEXL-10-P02H PEXL-10-P02E
PEXL-25-P01H PEXL-25-P01E 25 PEXL-25-P02H PEXL-25-P02E
PEXL-50-P01H PEXL-50-P01E 50 PEXL-50-P02H PEXL-50-P02E
PEXL-100-P01H PEXL-100-P01E 100 PEXL-100-P02H PEXL-100-P02E


Extra filtration depth is capable of removing soft particles and gels; impurities that normal felt media cannot remove. POXL filter bags are specially heat treated to prevent fiber migration, making the bags suitable for automotive coating and various other applications.
COX polypropylene(PP) Long Life materials utilize a proprietary fiber blend configuration to create a media that is heavier, thicker and stronger than standard felted media. This formulation delivers enhanced efficiencies, without increasing initial kinds pressure.

Size No. Diameter Length Flow Rate Filter Area Volume
# 01 180mm 420mm 20m3/h 0.25m2 8.0 L
# 02 180mm 810mm 40m3/h 0.50m2 17.0 L
# 03 105mm 235mm 6m3/h 0.09m2 1.30 L
# 04 105mm 385mm 12m3/h 0.16m2 2.50 L
# 05 150mm 550mm 18m3/h 0.20m2 3.80 L

POXL Filter Bags are available with Full-weld process offer unparalelled seal security, which delivers superior filtrate consistancy. Steel and Stainless steel ring and Flange Top Bags fit a wide variety of filter bag housings. Fully welded construction enhances bag strength and prevents unwanted bypass. Ring Bags can have optional handles or pull tabs sewn in to ease filter bag removal.

COX POXL Long Life Filter Bags have a wide range of fluid viscosities and contaminants.
Welded Filter Bags for Liquid Filtration – Impenetrable welded seams improve filtration and in conjunction with a glazed finish on the filter bag, greatly reduce or eliminate fiber migration.
For certain applications, Welded seams offer an advantage over sewn seams. The bottom, side, and Flange top of the Welded Seam Filter Bags for Liquid Filtration is completely welded.
No thread is used and no sewing holes exist.
Felt Filter Bags are available in polyester, polypropylene, nylon, Nomex and PTFE. Filtration Felts are available with a glazed or singed outer finish to minimize fiber migration from the filter surface.

Material Work Temperature Micron Retention Ratings Available
0.2 0.5 1 5 10 25 50 75 100 150 200 250 300 400
PO <80℃
PE <120℃
POXL <80℃
PEXL <120℃
NOMEX <200℃
PTFE <260℃

POXL Filter bags are ideal for removing gels, irregular shaped particles in liquid streams with a wide particle size distribution. COX POXL Life Filter Bags are available in designs that comply with both FDA and EC requirements for food and beverage contact.

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