80 Nylon filter mesh water oil industrial - 80 Nylon filter mesh water oil industrial

80 Nylon filter mesh water oil industrial, Wholesale 80 Nylon filter mesh water oil industrial manufaturer.

Nylon 80 mesh water oil industrial filter cloth Nylon 80 mesh water oil industrial filter cloth

Data Sheet Nylon 80 mesh water oil industrial filter cloth    Nylon 80 mesh water oil industrial filter cloth


Nylon Filter Mesh Details:

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Certification: ISO9001, FDA
Model Number: COX FILTER BAG Nylon Filter Mesh

Payment & Shipping Terms:

MOQ: 50 Square Meters
Price: Negotiable
Packaging: Nylon Filter Mesh Rolls on paper core/fold type, packing in plastic film, then in pp woven bag/carton/ wooden case according the requirement.
Leading Time: 2~3 Weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, ,Paypal
Supply Ability: 500,000 Meters per month

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Nylon Filter Mesh
Detailed Product Description

Material: 100% Nylon Application: For Filter
Characteristics: Corrosion-resistant Width: 1.0, 1.27m, 1.45m, 1.65m, 2.2m, 3.33m
Specification: 200 Micron, 300 Micron, 350 Micron,400 Micron Etc. Length: Normal Is 100m /roll And Customized
Grade: Food Grade And Industrial Color: White

Nylon 80 mesh water oil industrial filter cloth

COX FILTER BAG Nylon Filter Mesh Specification
Model Mesh/cm Mesh/inch Aperture
Thread Dia.
Open Area
Theoretical Ink
36-100 36 90 178 100 41 195 86
40-100 40 100 150 100 36 192 95
44-100 44 110 127 100 31 175 105
48-80 48 120 128 80 38 150 73
56-60 56 142 120 60 44 110 48
59-60 59 150 110 60 42 98 50
64-60 64 160 100 60 38 120 55
72-50 72 183 89 50 41 90 44
80-50 80 203 75 50 36 93 48
88-40 88 224 74 40 42 65 34
96-40 96 244 64 40 38 76 37
100-40 100 254 60 40 36 78 39
104-40 104 264 56 40 34 79 40
120-40 120 305 43 40 27 80 46
Note:The above datas are theoretic,please reference the actual data if there is a difference!

Specification details:

1) Material:100% nylon (polyester or Silk, Chinlon are also available upon request)
2) Weaving: Plain weave
3) Mesh Count: 160 mesh
4) Aperture:100 micron
5) Thread Diameter: 60micron (Weave 1:1)
6) Opening: 33%
7) Thickness: 74±4 um
8) Theoretical Ink: 25 m3/m2
9) Weight: 56 g/sqm
10) Max. Width: 368cm (144")
11) Color: white, black and yellow (available upon request) polyester screen mesh

specifications according to your requirements.

Product description Food grade Nylon 90 micron tea bag filter mesh

Our filter products are ideal materials for sieving, straining or filtering most liquids, powders or sludges. The threads are perfectly round in section and are extruded to very precise and uniform diameters. The advantages are:

1.due to their uniformity they can be woven with great precision to give exact and regular apertures

2. the resulting material has a very smooth surface so that the filtered particles will easily separate from it,

3.they have great strength and elasticity.

Nylon filter cloth:

Material 100% nylon
Weave Plain
Mesh Count 13-355mesh/inch(4-140T)
Thread Diameter 38-500um
Mesh Opening 33-1500um
Width 1150mm-3650mm
Color White, Yellow, Orange, Black
size, shape, packing can be customized

Nylon is a versatile material due to its great strength, flexibility, long life and resistance to abrasion. Nylon has excellent resistance to most common solvents and will operate continuously at temperatures up to 100°C in the chemical pH range 7-14.

Nylon filter mesh main application:


1) Typical applications suited to liquid filter bags
2) Paint, coatings and ink industries.
3) Process water, water treatment and cooling tower applications.
4) Petro chemical, solvents and general chemical applications.
5) Food and beverage industries.
6) Pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications.
7) Adhesives and resins industries


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