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LCR 100 Filter Bags to remove oil contamination from liquid.
LCR-100 Oil Removal Filter Bags are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit kinds industry filter bag housings. Custom size Oil Adsorption Filter Bags also welcomed.

LCR-100 Oil Removal filter bag

Data Sheet LCR-100 Oil Removal filter bag    LCR-100 Oil Removal filter bag

LCR-100 Filter Bags have low initial pressure drop, High efficiency of filtration > 90%. Multi layers of construction enlarge surface area. Oil Adsorption Filter Bags are effective in water, inks, paints (including E-Coat systems), and other process fluids.

Description Size No. Diameter Length Flow Rate Max. Temp Suggested changeout D/P
LCR 100 Filter Bag # 01 7″ / 180mm 16″ / 420mm 12m3/h 80℃ 0.8-1.5bar
LCR 100 Filter Bag # 02 7″ / 180mm 32″ / 810mm 25m3/h 80℃ 0.8-1.5bar

LCR 100 filter bag is constructed of polypropylene melt blown microfibers enabling fine particle capture at high efficiency. High Efficiency absolute rated filter bag designed for your long service life, high dirt load application with demand for absolute particle removal efficiency, it is also effective in removing gelatinous contamination due to its unique structure.
LCR 100 filter bag made by kinds layers PP melt blown microfiber filter media which have great chemical resistance. 100% PP media contain no silicone oil, ideally for application in automotive paint and coating industry. COX Absorbing filter bag offer > 90% efficient at the real application rating.

LCR-100 filter bag  is a filter bag that works better and installs easier than a filter cartridge.

Bag Description Filter Bag Size Particle Size Removal Efficiency
>90% >95% >99%
LCR-113/123 #01(7″x16″), #02(7″x32″) 1 2 4
LCR-114/124 #01(7″x16″), #02(7″x32″) 2 3 5
LCR-115/125 #01(7″x16″), #02(7″x32″) 4 8 10
LCR-116/126 #01(7″x16″), #02(7″x32″) 6 13 15
LCR-118/128 #01(7″x16″), #02(7″x32″) 28 30 40
LCR-119/129 #01(7″x16″), #02(7″x32″) 25 28 30
LCR-130 #01(7″x16″), #02(7″x32″) 14 15 25

LCR-100 filter bag offer high performance with very low initial pressure drops. The bag construction makes this filter an easy to use, convenient, high performance alternative to filter cartridges.

LCR-100 filter bag can absorb unwanted trace oils that frequently occur in processed fluids. The high amount of surface area due to the polypropylene microfiber construction, results in oil holding capacities from 10-20 times the filter’s own weight.

LCR 100 filter bag is made from 100% polypropylene melt blown micron fiber, and has reached over 90% efficiency in suggested applications. With unique fiber and deep structure, LCR 100 not only provides excellent filtrate efficiency at very low initial pressure drop, also its large surface area performs greatly on oil absorbency.

LCR(Bag Material) —-100(Micron Rating µm)—T(Bag Cover Layer)—-01(Bag Sizes)—-E(Coller/Ring type)

Replacement Original Part Number Description Micron Rating @ 99% Bag Size Inquiry LCR  Filter Bag
F5869879 LCR-113-T01E 4  #01(7″x16″) Inquiry LCR-113 Filter Bag F5869879
F5869889 LCR-114-T01E 5  #01(7″x16″) Inquiry LCR-114 Filter Bag F5869889
F5869899 LCR-115-T01E 10  #01(7″x16″) Inquiry LCR-115 Filter Bag F5869899
F5869909 LCR-116-T01E 15  #01(7″x16″) Inquiry LCR-116 Filter Bag F5869909
F5869919 LCR-118-T01E 40  #01(7″x16″) Inquiry LCR-118 Filter Bag F5869919
F5869929 LCR-119-T01E 30  #01(7″x16″) Inquiry LCR-119 Filter Bag F5869929
F5870619 LCR-130-T01E 20  #01(7″x16″) Inquiry LCR-130 Filter Bag F5870619
F5870599 LCR-135-T01E 10  #01(7″x16″) Inquiry LCR-135 Filter Bag F5870599
F5869939 LCR-123-T02E 4 #02(7″x32″) Inquiry LCR-123 Filter Bag F5869939
F5869949 LCR-124-T02E 5 #02(7″x32″) Inquiry LCR-124 Filter Bag F5869949
F5869959 LCR-125-T02E 10 #02(7″x32″) Inquiry LCR-125 Filter Bag F5869959
F5869969 LCR-126-T02E 15 #02(7″x32″) Inquiry LCR-126 Filter Bag F5869969
F5869979 LCR-128-T02E 40 #02(7″x32″) Inquiry LCR-128 Filter Bag F5869979
F5869989 LCR-129-T02E 30 #02(7″x32″) Inquiry LCR-129 Filter Bag F5869989
F5869999 LCR-130-T02E 20 #02(7″x32″) Inquiry LCR-130 Filter Bag F5869999
F5866229 LCR-135-T02E 10 #02(7″x32″) Inquiry LCR-135 Filter Bag F5866229

LCR-100 Seris Oil Absorbent filter bag combined with oil removal capabilities, such filter bags also provide particulate removal at different levels to meet many process requirements.

Oil adsorption filter bag is available in a 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 nominally rated efficiency with several layers of about 600 gram weight meltblown for superior oil adsorption capabilities.

LCR-100 Oil Absorption Filter Bag have effective oil absorbency, Special deep fibers structure, for high dirt-holding capabilities combined with steady oil removal capabilities. High particle removal efficiency, big particulate removal rate up to 99%
Special structure deliver both long service life and absolute filtration.
Cost-effective filtration due to long service life
Sealing Ring: Stainless steel and Polypropylene ring available.

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