COX Filter Bag has been devoting itself to offering qualified Filter bag, Filter Fabric and Filter Cage, with reliable service and competitive price to meet the demands of yours.  If you need any other additional information or would like to comment on our products, our company or anything else please contact us.
You can give a phone call to Tel: +86-632-529-O-925, send Fax +86-632-393-8-883 or send e mail to us.
Customer Service:

You also can send mail to: No. 188, Hi-Tech Zone, Zaozhuang City, 277800, Shandong Province, China

“COX Filter Cloth is available for the quality filter equipments with ridiculously low. One-time service, long time enjoy!”


37 responses to “FILTER BAG FABRIC”

  1. Chow says:

    Good quality Teflon filter bag and pp filter bags. Good service.

  2. Hung says:

    Tôi đang cần 1 số vải lọc pp 5micron bên công ty bạn có thì gửi mẫu cho tôi.Thank
    Công ty cổ phần thực phẩm miko

  3. กิติพัฒน์ มาผิว says:

    Great polyester filter bag and liquid pp filter bags.

  4. hamideh says:

    I am Hamideh, we receive the 1 micron pp filer bag and pa filter bags. All in good condition. Good quality, excellent service.

  5. Javier says:

    Good quality filter fabric,liquid filter bags. All in good condition.

  6. Reijo says:

    Good service, Good quality.


    Good quality G4 Air filters, good service.

  8. Pola says:

    Good hvac filters, we have many positive feedback from our customers.

  9. sukma says:

    kami punya masalah dengan pengolahan limbah debu dari penggilingan beras kami memakai siclon tetapi hasilnya kurang efektif, kami mohon info yg cocok untuk mengatasi debu di penggilingan beras kami, dan harganya perapa?

  10. Chairunas says:

    Mohon no telp teknisi untuk saringan minyak.

  11. cafer salbaş says:

    Good quality polyester filter bags, it install well now.

  12. Ali says:

    Pleased receive cargo today. Thanks for your support. Our boos want change as your agent in Indonesia, please consider it.

  13. Suruchi Biyani says:

    Good cooperation with your company many times. Thanks for your suuport.

  14. MELI says:

    MICRON POLYESTER FILTER BAGS and nylon filter good quality. Good cooperation. best regards

  15. hannaneh says:

    This is hannaneh here, glad receive micron pp filter bag and liquid polyester bags. It is possible treat our company as agent in our country.
    best regards

  16. Екатерина says:

    Good cooperation with your company. Quality polyester filter bags and nomex filter bags..

  17. Michaela Bidmonová says:

    PP filtr 1 mikron bag and nylon filter bags is excllent quality. Good service.

  18. pimjai says:

    Good polyester filter bag, liquid pp filter bag and pa filter bags. tks.

  19. Juice says:

    Good cooperation with COX, WE have good feedback from end users.

  20. Moja says:

    All filter bag working in good condition until now, good feedback from users, glad cooperation with COX.

  21. Annot says:

    my friends send your information and monuments to cooperation with your side.

  22. Scott says:

    Glad to receive the cargo last week and everything is well. Hope can have more cooperation soon.
    Thanks, Scott

  23. Mars says:

    the best partner

  24. Elouise says:

    I order from COX 2 times from 2022. Good quality, good service.

  25. Lou says:

    Good service. Hiqh quality.

  26. Jeremy says:

    so glad cooperation with Andy, have good feedback for nylon filter bags

  27. Brian says:

    we have good cooperation since 2017, great work. always offer big suuport to us.Tks, Eric

  28. Stan says:

    Glad find COX online.. Have 5 times cooperation until now. all bags in good condition,

  29. Juice says:

    Great partner, give us big support.

  30. Eve says:

    we starting cooperation about 8 years ago. I visiting their factory and make that great deal with them.
    Everything is good until now.

  31. Avalan says:

    By the end of March, we cooperation about 8times this year.
    Glad meeting COX.

  32. cathy says:

    I got too much support from COX FILTER. we have good cooperation since 2010.

  33. Juice says:

    Our clients local in Europe, and in Ancient Russia.
    All of them have good feedback for COX’S filter bag.
    Enjoy their service.

  34. Serie says:

    A great filter bag supplier we meet until now.

  35. Jeniffer says:

    Hi, this is Jeniffer. I am so glad cooperation with COX. Thanks, Ally

  36. Candy says:

    so excited cooperation with COX.

  37. Bill Schroeppel says:

    Received packing PE1P2WE & PE 5 Micron #2 Plastic sealing ring.
    Good condition

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