Micron Polyester Filter Bag

Polypropylene Filter Bag Micron PP filter bag

Place of Origin: Shandong Brand Name: COX Model Number: Filter bags
Item name: Micron Polyester Liquid Filter Bags Filter Media: PE Micron Rating: 0.1~ 200 micron

Liquid PE Filter Bag Info

FOB Price: US $2 – 4 / Piece
Port: Qingdao/Shanghai
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability: 100000 Pcs per Month
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union
Packaging Detail: Waterproof bag,Carton and Pallet
Delivery Detail: Size#1 filter bags – 10 days for 50000 pcs

Micron PES Filter Bags Spec

Micron Polyester Liquid Filter Bags
1,Good quality
2,High flow rate
3,Free of binder,additives etc.
4,Wide Chemical Micron Polyester Liquid Filter Bags

Filter Media Polyester Felt, Polyester Mesh
Micron Rating 0.5,1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500, 800, 1000 micron
Top Ring Styles PP Ring, Galvanize O-Ring,SUS O-Ring, other customized styles
Top Ring Materials Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, Metal, SUS
Seam Welded, Sewing,Welded top and Sewing Bottom, Sewing top and Welded Bottom
Size 1 : 7inch×16 inch, 7″× 32″, 4″× 8″, 4″× 14″, OEM available

Micron PE Filter Bag Description

Description COX Filter Cloth high quality Micron Polyester Liquid Filter Bags are made of various materials which provide consistent filtration of liquid in a lot of applications.
The filter felt offer efficient depth filtering at increased flow rates,various optional surface trestments are valid to reduce fiber migration and enhance filtration performance.
The collars and top rings ensure general compatibility with most commercial bag filter housings in the market. The connection for filter felt and top ring could be sewing or welded,suitable for different housings and purposes.
Filter bags extended life time without media migration or bypass. Customized bag filters are appropriate for different requests in many industrial fields.

Liquid PES Filter Bag Feature

1, High particles holding capacity and large flow rate at low pressure drops
2, Polyester material of filter felt with O-Rings offer for a lot of choices for application and operating temperatures .
3, Kinds of international and customized sizes fit most industry bag housings .
4, Low cost filter bags provide precision filtration, exceptional strenth and longer service life .
5, Exquisite workmanship and complete quality management system make bag filters have consistence excellent performance.

Micron Polyester Filter Bag Application

1,Waste Water Treatment
3,Chemicals and Solvents
4,Paints and Coatings
5,Pre RO Filtration
6,Food & Beverage
7,Petrochemical Process
8,Oil Refinery
9,Paints and Inks Operation Data
Liquid Polyester(PE) filter bag available from 0.5 micron to 200 micron. Plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel neck material is common used.

Filter Media Polyester
Abrasion &am.p; Flex Good
Weak Acid Good
Strong Acid Good
Weak Alkali Good
Strong Alkali Poor
Solvents Good
Maximum Operating Temperature 160°C(320°F)
Maximum Differential Pressure : 1.8 bar (26.1 psi)
Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure : 1.03 bar (15 psi)



  1. Syae says

    Great PE FILTER BAG received here. Good cooperation with COX



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