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Nomex Filter Bag, China Nomex Filter Bag, Quality Nomex Filter Bag manufacture by COX Filter Cloth.

Nomex Filter Bag manufacture by nomex needle punched felt filter cloth which have high working temperature(204-240), anti-acid, anti-alkali, high filtration blow speed, low pressure drop, anti-break, and anti-abrasion.
Nomex Filter Bag easily be hydrolyzed in the condition of high temperature, which mostly applied in pitch mix gas, blast furnace gas in steel factory in steel factory, gas, tail gas of white char, kiln applicatons, electric cooker high temperature gas, etc.Nomex Filter Bag(Needle Felt Filter Fabric Cloth) Nomex Filter Bag

CompositionsNomex /Nomex Scrim
Weight (g/m2)450500550
Thickness (mm)
Air permeability ( m3/m2·min )211714
Tensile strength(N/5 20cm)Warp>800>800>800
Tensile Elongation( % )Warp<35<35<35
Broken strength (Mpa/min)2.552.402.35
Working Temperature(°C)≤ 204≤ 204≤ 204
Short time Working temperature(°C)240240240

Nomex Filter Bag Finish Treatment.
The gas filaments in nomex bag can break the filter fabric when flexed during normal usage if the bag without a finish treatment or protective coating.
Breakage results from flaws forming on the surface of nomex filaments flaws can be created by abrasion or chemical attack. Finish selection should be made on the basis of the flew gas chemical composition and type of particulate.
Heat set, singed, calender is the basic treatment in nomex filter cloth.
PTFE membrane is the most common treatment for needle felts. It provides an excellent combination of filtration efficiency and dust cake release.
Nomex Filter Bag Application.
Nomex Filter Bag applicale for conditions that continuous temperature is below 204°C, and instant temperature is below 240°C. Property of oxidation resistance is general, and allowed PH value range:5-9. Humidity<10%.When temperature is high, Nomex Filter Bag properties will be influenced by moisture content.
Nomex Filter Bag widely used in dust collection under industrial conditions such as asphalt stirring, nonferrous metals metallurgy, ceramics, glass, kiln hood(cooler) of cement industry, and blast furance gas of steelworks.
Nomex Filter Bag future.
Bag body: nomex filter cloth
Bag cuff: steel-plate, rubber rings and garter spring
2) Standard weight: 500g/m2
3) Thickness(mm): 1.8
4) Filtration efficiency: up to 99.99%
5) Tensile strength: warp:>800N/5x20cm weft:>1100N/5x20cm
6) Tensile elongation: warp: <25% weft: <30%
7) Permeability(10-3m3/m2. S): 150 – 350
8) Working temperature:
Nomex is a high temperature filtration material with rational structure and superior performance. (continuance) 204°C, (instant) 240°C
9) Surface treatment: Singeing, calendering, heat setting is the basic treatment in nomex filter bag.
10)Packing: Standard nomex filter bag use Polybag packing, other material packing is also available.

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  1. Charlyn says

    I buy 500 nomex filter bag and polyester filter bag last time and receive it now in good condition. Its good quality, hope buy some more liquid filter bag from your company. Thankyou.

  2. Sharky says

    Where I can buy nomex filter bag and nomex filter felt? I want application in high temperature pulse jet bag filter. How about the packing about such higher temperature dust filter bag.

  3. Amory says

    There is any stock nomex fabric and aramid filter bag. Does PTFE membrane finish treatment can application on nomex filter bag products? How about bag filter hs code?

  4. Sadasivan says

    Thank you offer good quality nomex filter bag and polyester filter bag.Excellent service.

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