Polypropylene Filter Bags PP Filter BagsMicron PP Filter Bag Data SheetPolypropylene Filter Bags with Snap-Collar are sewn as standard at the ring, have a welded body seam and are sewn at the bottom seam. Wedled body and welded plastic neck also available.
Polypropylene Filter Bags are equipped with handles as standard: S, SS, PO
Finger grips inside bag (size 1, 2: slits in felt).
An additional handle strap is optional, from the same material as needled felt.
Handles in ring is available.
Type & Sizes
Polypropylene material available with many different micron ratings(0.1,0.5,1,5,10,25,50,100,200).
COX Filter Cloth micron filter bags seal with either a Snap-Collar seal comprising of either carbon steel, stainless steel or polypropylene or with a plastic seal flange. For open systems (uses outside a filter housing) the filter bags can also be supplied without any ring or with a pull cord.

Bag dimensions Bag Sizes(Inches)
P1 = size 1 (Ø 180 x 430 mm) 7″ x 17″
P2 = size 2 (Ø 180 x 800 mm) 7″ x 32″
P3 = size 3 (Ø 105 x 230 mm) 4″ x 9″
P4 = size 4 (Ø 105 x 380 mm) 4″ x 15″
P5 = size 5 (Ø 105 x 254 mm) 4″ x 10″
P6 = size 6 (Ø 105 x 559 mm) 4″ x 22″

Sealing & Surface Treatment
Excellent sealing is import to keep the filter function.
A good seal between bag and support bask is great importance.
There are two way to handle this problems:
The Snap-Collar: a felt-covered metal or plastic ring.
It can neatly into the upper collar of the support basket. The felt serves as the sealing.
The plastic ring(with handles) which tightly fits into standard baskets.
Multi layered and pleated felt bags
COX Filter Cloth Multiple layers Micron Filter Bags with or pleats offer advantages when removing particles which are difficult to filter and have a longer service life.
For information on COX Filter Cloth multi layered or pleated felt bags please contact us.

Surface Treatment

Needle PP filter fabric will do finish treatment to keep the filtration bag have excellent filter funciton.
During the thermal treating process the softened fibres bonded together on the downstream side of the bag.


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