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90Micron Nylon Rosin Bag, Wholesale 90Micron Nylon Rosin Bag manufaturer.

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Data Sheet 2.5×4.5 Inch 90 Micron Nylon Rosin Bags Custom Make Size And Micron    2.5×4.5 Inch 90 Micron Nylon Rosin Bags Custom Make Size And Micron

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Material: 100% Nylon Stitching Color: Double
Aperture: 90micron Size: 2.5*4.5 Inch
Color: White Certification: FDA,SGS,ISO 9001
Packing: Custom Packing Application: Honey Filter,Rosiin Filter
High Light: nylon mesh filter bags, nylon filter bag

2.5×4.5 Inch 90 Micron Nylon Rosin Bags Filter Bags Rosin Filter Bags Custom Make Size And Micron

Introduction of the white colornylonbag:

Do you know how to make rosin?

First of all, you have to know which materials you need to prepare.

Second, you have to choose the raw materials you want and choose the right tools with the raw materials. Rosin bags come in different sizes and mesh sizes.

What size and micron nylon bag do you use depends on the following factors:
1. The materials you need, confirm the micron size of the rosin tape you need. If you want to choose a flower, the micron number is relatively low. If you choose a hash, you need a high micron number.
2. The amount of your raw materials, that is, the amount of materials you need to put into the bag will also affect the size of the nylon bag you choose. The more materials, the larger the size of the nylon bag.

Thirdly, you need to put your raw flowers or hashes in the rosin bag. After you have selected the right size and suitable micron bag, the packaging can be put in the rosin press for a long time.

Finally, squeeze the rosin and put it on wax paper.

Material 100% nylon
MOQ 500 pcs
Stitching Color Green Color
Application Honey filter
Aperture 75 micron
Certification FDA,SGS,ISO 9001
Size 3*6,2.5*4.5,2*4.5,1.5*9,
Feature Green Stitching
Color White
Sample Free for you
Packing Custom packing
Band Name R&K
Model Specification (/cm) Mesh count (mesh/inch) Thread Diameter (um) Mesh opening (um) Open Area(%) Thickness (um) Theoretic ink volume (cm3/m2)
NL28/207 28 70 150 207 34 278 150
NL30/213 30 76 120 213 41 230 105
NL36/178 36 90 100 178 41 195 86
NL40/150 40 100 100 150 36 192 95
NL44/127 44 110 100 127 31 175 105
NL56/120 56 142 60 120 44 110 48
NL59/110 59 150 60 110 42 98 50
NL64/96 64 163 60 96 38 120 55
NL72/89 72 183 50 89 41 90 44
NL80/75 80 203 50 75 36 93 48
NL88/74 88 224 43 74 42 65 34
NL96/64 96 244 43 64 38 76 37
NL100/60 100 254 43 60 36 78 39
NL104/56 104 264 43 56 34 79 35
NL110/48 110 280 43 48 28 79 38
NL120/43 120 305 43 43 27 80 46
NL130/34 130 330 43 34 20 85 29
NL140/33 140 355 38 33 21 85 28

Advantages of the white colornylon tea bag:

Good waterproof performance,will not deform and fade away in water,

Convenient,you can use them at any where and any time.

Portable,it is so light.

You can reuse them,can save your cost.

Can be washed,as it is good waterproof performance.

Durable,you can use them for many times.

Widely used,used for filter many things.

Packing of the nylon tea bag:

Plastic bag for 10-20 pcs inside and then carton outside.



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