COX Filter Cloth specialize in dust filter bags as well as liquited filter bag and filter press cloth. We can supply cloth filter bags, plastic collection bags and accessories for all manufacturers. Our staff offers quality and reliable service you can count on. Wide range of coatings and finishes Wide variety needle felt fabric and woven filter medias custom designed bags. We can custom fabric bag and filter cloth any style filter bag to meet your specific demand, Designed for ease of installation and change-out. And more important, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer your filter questions you may have about our company and our services.
COX Filter Cloth offer a complete line of replacement and custom designed dust collector bags to fit most manufactures' filter bag housings. We can custom fabricate various types of attachments to work with your specific shaker mechanism, whether it's a loop, eyelet, grommet or other device. To most accurately determine the correct collection bag size you require, lay bag flat and refer to the chart below to obtain the diameter and length of your laid flat bag. All filter fabric bags fittings are adaptable to any rolled edge, quick lock, angle iron ring, metric or any other system design, doing this allows you to match our products to your existing components, make changes or expand your current system.
COX Filter Cloth have what you need and will need, in stock or will quickly manufactur. Our capable staff will manufacture any type of custom dust filter bags, needle felt fabric or take-off to your exact specifications within a few days. Contact us for custom pricing and lead times.




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